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SCRL Treasurer

Larry Horton

Chair, Ground Rent Working Group

I have been involved with Stanford as a student or staff member for more than half a century. Since 1986, I have lived at 401 Gerona Road. For 35 years, I worked in the office of Government and Community Relations at Stanford. I represented Stanford to federal, state, and local governments on matters of importance to the University. Several local issues involved SCRL. While I was representing the University, I often had occasion to work with SCRL and its Board on matters of concern to SCRL. Most often, the University and SCRL worked together to achieve outcomes that were sought by SCRL. I found the Board to be an effective body representing the interest of campus faculty and staff residents. I retired in September of 2014 and am now emeritus. Last year, I was elected Treasurer of SCRL by the Board and serve in that capacity.