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Emergency and Safety Information

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SCRL Disaster Plan

Important Update on The SCRL Disaster Plan READ NOW>>.
August 18, 2020

All neighbors should have received an email from SCRL to share that The Emergency Committee is working to revise SCRL’s emergency plan, which you will find printed in the 2018 SCRL Directory. While the committee works to create what we hope will be a viable new plan, we’d like to suggest that you focus on developing your plan for your home and family.

Fire Extinguisher

Emergency Tip

We all know it’s important to have a fire extinguisher, but in addition to having it, you’ve got to check/recharge/maintain it on a regular schedule. Check your fire extinguisher and see how long it’s been since it’s been recertified. If it’s been awhile, you’ll need to take it to a licensed fire extinguisher specialist and make sure it’s good to go.