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Stanford Campus Residential Leaseholders ("SCRL") is an independent, non-profit community organization. Our members include the homeowners of over 850 homes on the Stanford campus, on land leased from Stanford University. Only Stanford faculty and staff are eligible to purchase homes on the campus. Approximately 2,500 residents live in our community. Learn More


Stanford’s Town Center Project, which paused during the pandemic, is now restarting with new opportunities for the community to participate in reimagining the White Plaza area as a hub of social and academic life. Learn more about the plans, and share your feedback to help bring this vision to reality. These sessions, along with coming online feedback tools, will give community members a further voice in plans for facilities, operations, and infrastructure. The Town Center Project website has more details about the initiative and ways to participate in the design process. 





Heres the Coyote Task Force Report to SCRL!  Big thanks to the Task Force for their good work!

SCRL Annual Meeting - Here's a recording (with very poor audio) of our 2024 Annual Meeting                                                                         Annual Meeting Slides  

Retirement Planning? Here's some helpful information from the Emeriti/ae Council: Housing Options Documents

Emergency Area Coordinators - We need you! Contact to join us!