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SCRL Secretary

Holly Thompson

Editor, Newsletter Committee (Communication), Executive Committee, Nominations Committee

Holly Thompson has lived on campus since 1986, when her husband Buzz Thompson joined the faculty at the Law School.  Since then they have come to know every street, path, and park in the campus neighborhoods, first with their three children, who went to Nixon and swam at SCRA, and now as empty nesters. Holly worked for the university as an undergraduate admissions officer and recently retired from a long career as a high school English teacher.  She is interested preserving the livability and affordability of the neighborhoods; finding solutions to growing traffic and parking concerns; working to ensure a continued high level of service from the university for our rental payments; and contributing to SCRL’s tradition of effective communications and advocacy. Since joining the SCRL board in 2018, she has worked on updating the format and content of the newsletter; contributed to community events like the fall picnic and neighborhood gatherings in the parks; and served on the board’s nominating committee and ground rent working group.  Having watched the population of her own neighborhood transition in recent years from the last of the original owners to families with young children, she is especially committed to SCRL’s role in keeping our neighborhoods safe and livable for families of all ages.