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SCRL Board Member

Grace Hinton

Grace and her husband Stephen Hinton (Music) have lived on campus since 1996, first at Peter Coutts and now on Alvarado Row.  Grace is a practicing architect who has worked professionally both with the University and in the residential area.  She has served on committees at SCRL (sidewalks/trees) and at Peter Coutts (roofing).  She volunteered with the Stanford Historical Society’s neighborhood history project, and organized the Society’s first historic house tour while serving as president of Palo Alto-Stanford Heritage. She is interested primarily in land use issues and capital improvements.  Grace would like to help find common ground on creative and respectful solutions for new housing that maintain our historic neighborhoods while welcoming new neighbors, and would like to work with SCRL and the University to explore ways to comply with the spirit of new state laws mandating accessory dwelling units.   She is also interested in looking at ways our common areas and tree canopy can be made more resilient to climate change, as well as ways to mitigate noise and light pollution.  She is an exercise enthusiast, and a constant gardener.