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Lowell Price

I came to Stanford as an undergraduate and never left. The University excites me now as it did then. However, I now know that we do not live in the tropics as I suspected driving up Palm Drive fresh from the desert of the Southwest. My special interests are working with the Board and the Community toward a vibrant future through community building, problem solving, governance and long-term planning. These broad interests lead to many activities I would encourage among all of us, including: community service, group activities, information, conversations, communication, and participation. I have had a long, satisfying and happy history here from my time as an undergrad (English) and graduate student (Organizational Behavior and Development) through my career in Stanford’s central administration, including Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Senior Associate Provost for University Governance, and the University Ombudsperson and ultimately working for the general welfare of the faculty-staff residential community as Executive Director of SCRL. Over this full breadth and depth of Stanford experience, my interest in community building, problem solving, governance and long-term planning has been heightened. It has been a joy to be part of the Stanford Community all this time. I am eager now to serve our Community as a member of the SCRL Board. This would be a happy opportunity for me.