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As the seasons change, we get a lot of similar calls from campus home owners.  Here are a few of our favorites for this season.



Who are those guys in my driveway?  What are they doing on my street?

There have been people in the neighborhood offering to seal driveways with materials leftover from other jobs. These paving/sealing opportunists are likely scammers.  The Department of Public Safety asks that if you ever have misgivings, or suspicions, concerning an offer/people coming to your door or in your yard, please call Public Safety (non-emergency) at 650-329-2413.  They prefer you call as close to the time of the incident as possible so that they may be able to get to your neighborhood while the opportunists are still around.  They'd like the opportunity to question any suspicious characters while they're on campus.

Coyotes! What should I know?

Visit Vector Control's site for information on living with coyotes.

What do all those markings on my street mean?

PG&E has provided this key to colors used in street markings. In most cases, markings are used to show workers where not to dig as they repair lines in our neighborhoods.

PGE Markings

Are those street lights new?

Yes and no.  Through a cooperative project between SCRL and the University, we have beautiful, high-efficiency, low-energy street lights. You may remember walking along Alvarado Row in 2012, looking up at selections A-E and voting for your favorite. The winner (E) is currently being installed in our residential neighborhoods. It’s a project that involved lighting designers and engineers, installers and you. The project’s cost was funded jointing by Stanford and SCRL.

Was that a rat? Or a raccoon?

Crane Pest Control has a Stanford Discount. They can be reached at 408-295-3333.

 Can I get mulch delivered to my home?

Yes! PeninsulaSanitary Services, Inc.(PSSI) can bring you compost or woodchips. Call 650-321-4236 to discuss or place an order. The fee will be added to your residential PSSI bill.

My pet is missing. What shall I do?

SCRL uses NextDoor Stanford for lost pet notices. Not already a member of NextDoor Stanford? Contact us for an invitation.